Initial machine start-up

Everything is ready for all the equipment to be installed in a short time and the production of packaging to start as soon as possible.
The first machine has just been launched and tested.

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The next phase begins

Construction of the production hall, the roof and floors has been completed and the installation of exterior walls has started.

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Work in progress!

The construction of the cardboard packaging factory is progressing rapidly. In recent days the hall structure and the roof have been completed.

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Completion of groundworks

We have just completed the most important stage of the construction – the execution of the foundations and the concrete floor. The arising structure will resemble the future packaging factory more each day. The next step is going to be the installation of the hall supporting structure.

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Preparations before laying foundations

In recent days all the earthworks have been made and the reinforcing elements have been finally prepared. All works are progressing according to the plan. The next step is the installation of the  concrete foundations.

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New packaging, same commitment

We’ve adopted a new corporate look with matching the Group’s visual identity. Thereby reflecting on the outside the company vision we have developed from the inside, strongly emphasizing our 3 key-values, determining highly satisfactory client relationships, excellent labour conditions and outstanding overall quality levels. The graphical representation of the 3 boxes in our new group […]

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