Materials for production

Three factories belonging to VPK Group in Poland located in Wrzesnia, Radomsk and Skarbimierz work under Aquila brand and produce cardboard sheets to provide us and thus our customers the security of material supply.

The emphasis put on the quality and continuity of cardboard production ensures the highest quality and stable parameters of our packagings. This is one of the keystones of our business strategy and the entire Group’s philosophy. The abovementioned is confirmed by the fact that Aquila Wrzesnia, as the only manufacturer of cardboard in Poland, owns a laboratory certified by the Polish Accreditation Centre.

Other materials necessary for the production – starch, glue, paint, clichees and dies – also come from the best sources available in Poland and Europe. Our database of certified sub-suppliers is another factor ensuring the safety and the highest level of service offered to our Customers.