VPK Packaging Group NV is a leading European packaging group that develops and produces innovative, protective and logistics packaging whilst making maximum use of recycled fibre.

VPK Packaging Group NV has set out a noble mission for itself to recycle and to protect. We continuously recycle the paper and board waste that piles up everyday into new high-value packaging. This packaging in turn protects our customer’s valuable goods. This results in a sustainable business model in which economics and ecology go harmoniously hand-in-hand.

Besides sustainability, the VPK Packaging Group NV business model is also based on a highly motivated customer focus. The combination of our high technology production equipment and our enthusiastic and skilled local management teams ensures that we are able to satisfy the most demanding needs of professional packaging buyers. Together with the customers, we develop the most suitable solution for their packaging requirements which can be satisfied at the lowest possible cost and at the highest quality and service levels.

Thanks to our 47 operations in Europe, VPK Packaging Group NV is also able to meet the international packaging requirements of our customers.

VPK Packaging Group NV constantly strives to create and maintain a stimulating working environment for its entire workforce. To achieve this, the company offers career opportunities enabling its employees to fully develop their entrepreneurship and creativity.