Mission, Vision & Values

VPK Packaging Group NV exists for over 75 years. Through the knowledge and experience it acquired over the years, an appropriate company philosophy was cultivated, that can be summarized into three objectives:


Easy to work with

VPK Packaging Group NV aims at being a customer driven service organization. From this point of view it wishes to be and remain the preferred supplier of all of its customers in the long term. To reach this objective, VPK Packaging Group NV has developed strong leadership, a streamlined planning and ‘online’ IT-systems, supported by a motivated and qualified staff.

Great to work for

VPK Packaging Group NV offers a stable working environment, with ample room for initiative and entrepreneurship, and a whole range of opportunities for motivated and qualified employees, who have a deep-rooted belief in our company activities and are willing to develop their career with us in the long term.

Operationally excellent

Our striving for ‘Operational excellence’ is supported by demonstrating leadership, teamwork and an effective problem-solving attitude. Operational excellence allows for a continuous improvement of our company activities. With permanent attention to the needs of our customers, by stimulating employees to come up with solutions themselves and by continuously optimizing all company activities and processes, this objective can be reached. The modern needs of economic life demand fast and efficient improvements of the production process, which can only be realized by creating an environment where team spirit, safety and well-being are at the centre.

Our values

  • Honesty: our actions are characterized by a strong openness, honesty, integrity and a strong sense of responsibility.
  • The spirit of cooperation: all our colleagues, no matter how different, work together as one company.
  • Professionalism: we strive for the best solutions in all situations and conditions.
  • Innovation: we are constantly trying to introduce additional value for our partners.
  • Pragmatism: we always choose the most practical solution to achieve great results.